Korean Abalone Porridge

Top 3 Best Canned Abalone for making abalone porridge

What can I make with Canned Abalone, or 'Bao Yu'?

Did you know that Abalone porridge is considered as a delicacy for those with a refined taste? It's offered an many high end restaurants. But now you can bring this luxury into the comfort of your home. Let's suggest the top 3 canned abalone brands that best suit for this exquisite choice recipe. Let's explore this in greater detail.

Which canned abalone is best for making abalone Porridge? 

For this luxury food, braised and brine baby abalone are considered a luxury food, are both suitable for the making of abalone congee. It's a matter of personal choice be it braised or in brine. Once this is prepared, you can enhance the flavour with simple salt and pepper, through to Japanese or Korean Furikake.

Baby abalone ideally served whole as it retains the texture, naturally buttery abalone flavour. Besides retaining it's orginal flavour, it's also a time saver as it can be served straight from the can. 

Choice 1) Canned abalone porridge recipe with dried scallop (On Hing Braised Abalone

This Abalone porridge recipe from Whattocooktoday is a go-to comfort for cozy small family dinners. For this dish, we recommend adding a can of Braised On Hing Abalone for those who love the Oyster flavour braised sauce.

braised on hing abalone

Choice 2) Sampan Abalone Porridge (Golden Ocean

Sampan Porridge originated in the Canton Province from fishermen. Here we have enhanced this to Sampan abalone congee recipe. This luxury enhancement is a twist of the original recipe (link to the original can be found here). In the recipe at Step 6, we recommend adding a can of Chile Abalone from Golden Ocean as there are already strong flavours of Squid and Scallop already present in the dish.

Golden Ocean Chile Abalone

Choice 3) Abalone porridge Jeonbokjuk 전복죽 (On Hing Brine Baby Abalone

This final recipe is quite beloved in Korea as a breakfast favourite. In several recipes, such as Maangchi and Korean Bapsang, the abalone was purchased fresh from the fish market, and the full fragrance from the full components of the abalone still being intact, but you can still get the same seafood umami flavour with the Braised On Hing Abalone  or their Brine Baby Abalone 

On Hing Abalone


Canned Abalone is a prestigeous ingredient that brings that high end luxury to home. Each abalone porridge recipe has it's own unique flavour that adds a touch of refinement and delicacy to your small family meals. This is one of many other canned abalone recipes we will be posting up for Canned Abalone Recipes Month, and next week we will be looking at Noodle-Based dishes you can try to cook at home. Your family will love these delicious and wholesome braised abalone dishes, and it makes the times we can meet a treat.

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