Brand's Message

Our way of living has evolved from what it used to be generations ago.

Today, there is a greater focus on fitness, mental wellness and healthy living as a way of life.

We at Teck Sang, a traditional Chinese food ingredients provider, have realized this change in lifestyle and preference in today’s consumers.

This is why we are on a journey to evolve with today’s generation.

We want to provide a new take on traditional taste while maintaining our deep-seated and rich heritage.

We want to be the cause of healthy living by providing access to various healthy and high-quality ingredients at your fingertips.

With our new mobile applications, you can order your favorite ingredients right in the comfort of your home or even visit our retail store for a drive-by collection.

You can rest assured and trust that we are constantly looking at developing innovative products to maintain our partnerships with our customers, partners, distributors and all critical stakeholders,

as this is how we continue to serve you.


Teck Sang

"A Fresh Take on Traditional Taste"



Where to Find Us 

Address: 11 Hongkong St, Singapore

Post Code: 059654

Phone Number: 6533 1133