Best Dried Oysters Selection guide by Teck Sang (2021-2022), on Hong Kong Street.


What is the history and story behind the Dried Oyster

The Dried Oyster is a popular seafood item in the United States. There are many places you can buy them, but Teck Sang on Hong Kong Street is one of the best because they have everything you need to enjoy your dried oysters.

1) What exactly are dried oysters?

2) Who were some of the first people who ate dried oysters?

3) Where did this trend start and when was it popularized in China and Asia?


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What are dried oysters?

How do I prepare it?



How do I store it?


Dried Oyster and Black Moss (Ho See Fat Choy)



Calories Facts



Neutritional Benefits





How long do dried oysters last?


Can you store oysters in salt water?


Do you need to soak dried oyster?


How do you prepare and store oysters?