Best Dried Fish Maw Selection Guide (2023) by Teck Sang Pte Ltd.

The Best Fish Maw selection guide for you.

In Asian cuisine, Fish Maw is known as one of the Four Treasure ingredients in Asian culinary (The four treasures are: (1) Dried Sea Cucumber, (2)Dried Abalone (3) Dried Fish Maw and (4) Dried shark fin now replaced by Dried Scallop). These Four Treasures are also known as Hoi Mei, which you can learn more about these premium dried seafood delicacies here. This selection guide help answer: What kind should you buy and how should you select? What are some of the tips for buying them at their peak quality for that special occasion you are planning?

Here, we feature a guide in selecting Fish Maw from our Teck Sang retail shop on Hong Kong street, which is voted as the number 1 supplier to Top Restaurants and Hotels for their dried sea-food range and selection on Hong Kong Street. Not only will this article talk about the best fish maw selection guide but also top tips and insights on selection. Read more now!

What is Fish Maw?

Fish maws are fish swim bladders that are processed and dried. They are popular and a valuable import commodity in East Asia (Hong Kong, Singapore etc) and China markets. It is considered one of the big four traditional delicacies, along with sea cucumber, shark fin, scallop and abalone (Shark fin now replaced by fish Maw).

How to choose Fish Maw?

With the dried fish product, the final taste is very different from fresh fish. Choosing fish maws is relatively easy, but fish maw harvested from a male fish is much more expensive than its female counterpart. The male-fish maw is more "al dente" and more suitable for cooking up a dish. On the other hand, a female-fish maw melts and change in texture easily when heated or boiled, so it's ideally used in soups or stews.

There is a wide range of Fish maw prices, their texture, taste and mouth-feel differ and fortunately, the nutritional value of all fish maws are shown to be pretty much consistent. This is very similar to the Sea cucumber selection guide discussion. Again, the premium grade or quality is considered to be from many countries and types of fish.

The vanity price of a vanishing kind of maw is behind the imminent extinction of the vaquita, the world's smallest dolphin species. Found only in Mexico's Gulf of California, the once numerous vaquita are now critically endangered. Totoaba are being hunted to extinction for its maw, which can sell for a high price.

These days, you do need to be careful with fish-maw as fakes do exist and could turn into slush upon soaking. if you are new to this, come down to Teck Sang retail stall on Hong Kong street and let our sales assistance help you to choose fish maw for your purpose.

What are the best types of Fish Maw?

Fish maws come in different forms, sizes and from various species. The age, colour, transparency, dryness, clarity (no greyish tinge) and thickness are only some of the considerations you will learn and hear. Referring to the diagram above from our retail stall. There are a variety of premium grades of fish maw from Africa, Norway and they are reputable to be of premium grade. They are all rich in collagen.

In general, besides the dried version above, fish maw also comes fried. It's quite common the dried fish maw comes from larger fish such as cod that is more premium and hard with a dark golden hue, and fried fish maw from smaller fish, like yellow croaker or eel that's usually long, cylindrical tube and light yellow.

Good fish maw, fried or dried, should be an even golden yellow, fairly thick for more bite, and wholesome. Dried fish maw is good for soups, stews, and braised dishes or recipes that require a longer time to cook. Its texture is soft and tender, and the flesh is thick with a good springy bite.

Dried fish maw from male fish is also usually longer, firmer and more flavourful while the female is round in shape, flat and melt easily in stews and soups. Fried fish maw, on the other hand, has a crunchier and crispier bite, and is recommended for stir-fries.

Fish maws are believed to have special medicinal properties and are used as a recovery tonic. The popularity of fish maws is among the most valuable commodities for these East Asian markets due to their high demand.

To extract the swim bladder, Starting with a longitudinal cut along with the fish, the swim bladder is removed and washed several times to clean away blood vessels and exterior tissues.

After being cleaned thoroughly, the swim bladders are laid out to dry in the sun until partially dry for many hours.

From this point, the dried bladders are ready for merchants or further processed into flatforms for packaging and sale.

The dried, processed swim bladders must then be rehydrated for culinary or medicinal use through soaking or salt frying.

Fish Maw Soup - A Culinary Treasure

The fish maw soup or stew is a delicacy in China, Hong Kong, Singapore and many parts of Asia. It originated from Cantonese cuisine and has been a traditional dish for years. Amongst females, Fish maw soup is believed to offer the supply volume of collagen and protein without the oily and unhealthy elements.

In many recipes, It mainly uses as a texture and flavour absorption to take in spices or flavours used in the dish it's part of, which makes this type of appetizer unique. There are many ways you can make fish maw soup with different ingredients like vegetables, herbs, chicken wings etc., but they all have one thing in common: their high-quality taste!

Fish Maw Nutritional value

Fish Maw Soup Recipe For Your Health is an excellent way to nourish your body with the benefits of Fish Maw. It's believed that fish maws have special medicinal properties and are used as a recovery tonic by many people. They also use it in place of shark fins because the trade declined, but they still taste great!

The soup will give you all kinds of health benefits like reducing inflammation, supporting detoxification pathways, boosting immune function and balancing blood sugar levels.

What are the health benefits?

Fish maw is low in fat and calories, making it an ideal replacement for seafood. It has a high protein content with omega-3's that make fish maw rich in nutrients such as vitamin B12 and DHA. Additionally, females become soft and gelatinous much quicker than males which makes them easier to prepare when fried or boiled into soups.

Now that I am ready to buy, Where can I buy fish maw?

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Indian Double Teeth Dried Fish Maw

Indian Double Teeth Dried Fish Maw

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Seabass Dried Fish Maw

Seabass Dried Fish Maw

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Norwegian Cod Fish Maw

Norwegian Cod Fish Maw

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Fish maw can come from many types of fish. Every time you visit an Asian dried seafood retailer, they would have a range of sizes varying from large fish which results in thicker, bigger pieces to smaller fishes with smaller fish maw pieces. At Teck Sang, we hand-select the Premium grade for our Chuen Jia Fu flagship gift set for those that want to experience the finest and pamper the family with the best quality.

Please do come and talk to our sales assistant to assist you as there is a wide range of Fish Maw that will suit your usage. It is no secret to understand why Teck Sang on Hong Kong Street is selected as the top supplier choice for their Sea Maw by restaurants and hotels in Singapore.