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For Chinese New Year  it’s only customary to bring a gift to your host. In turn, they’ll spoil your senses and tastes. But what gifts should you bring this year? How can you make your moments with your loved ones tasteful? To celebrate 2021 CNY,  Here are the top 3 gifts you should bring when you are going to visit someone. 


Gift 1: Canned Abalone 

chuen jia fu abalone set 

Encourage and ring in a new year of blessings and good fortune to your host with a can of Chuen Jia Fu abalone. Abalone is a symbol of prosperity and good fortune in business, but a Chuen Jia Fu abalone brings forth the prosperity and abundance into the family life. Chuen Jia Fu ( 全家福) is always a welcomed sight, and even more so after 2020. This year, they are bringing back the classic 2-Can and 3-Can gift box. They are taking orders earlier this year, so don’t miss out!

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Gift 2: Teck Sang Nuts Mix  

Entertain your guests with the gift of health and flavor. Setting out a serving tray a healthy trail mix is a delightful welcome for entertaining. Pistachios are often a favorite as they represent 'Happiness'. Teck Sang hosts a range of roasted and baked nuts that are now available online for you to make your own Snack mix - perfect for Chinese New Year and beyond. 

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Gift 3: Double Happiness Lap Cheong

An essential ingredient for CNY favorites like Lap Mei Fan, Lap Cheong can come in a variety of different flavors and styles  that add a wholesome dimension to your dishes. If you are planning to bring a lap cheong dish to your next gathering, we recommend the classic Hong Kong style recipe, the Duck Liver, and Tung Koon style lap cheong for your dish. However, these flavors are usually sold out fast!

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