Dong Guan Poster 东莞肠

This Chinese New Year, you must add Dong Guan (东莞肠) or Tung Koon for your celebratory lap mei fan or pen cai. What is so special about Dong Guan sausage? Where can you buy this lap cheong in Singapore? 



Originating from Guangdong, Dong Guan, also called 'Chinese Chorizo', has a unique, sweeter flavor and festive aroma. In Singapore, the only place where you can buy this kind of lap cheong is from Teck Sang, located in Hong Kong Street. During the CNY celebrations, it’s a family favorite and sells out fast along with their other range of lap cheong. 

Story behind the festive favourite

The legend behind dong guan celebrates the spirit of ingenuity among food artisans. A short man handcrafted and sold sausages for a living, however due to his height, as he carried the sausages down the street, some of the longer sausages reached the ground, dragging through the mud. 

This would not do, he thought, and so he found ways to make the sausages shorter and taste differently to others.The smell and taste of his sausages became legendary, attracting many customers from afar. 


Today, this sausage is a celebrated addition to any lap mei fan dish.